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Compliance to the EU MRV regulation

Accurate data reporting and easy downloading helps complying with MRV

COACH Solutions is using accurate data reporting and easy downloading to help its customers complying with MRV

Over the past months, COACH Solutions has been working on customers´ compliance to the EU MRV regulation (Monitoring, Reporting, Verification) and will publish an MRV report on its online portal COACH Online later this year.

Christian Holm, Senior Performance Analyst at COACH Solutions, comments: “To ensure full compliance, we have produced a dataset that can be submitted to the EU MRV database. The dataset is created to give users the opportunity to select which vessels or fleet groups to include in the report and provide easy downloading. All the data is collected through COACH Onboard and it enables us to assist our customers in their MRV compliance processes”.

A timeline of the MRV milestones is provided. Submission for verification of all monitoring plans is due August 31, 2017 and to be verified before December 31, 2017. The EU MRV report will then be submitted to the EU by April 30, 2019 with data from 2018.

COACH Solutions is a vessel performance monitoring system that provides the ship operator with voyage assessment and analysis on hull, propeller and engine efficiencies. The reporting and communication is kept simple with unified noon reporting and energy deviation alerts from the vessels. COACH Vessel Performance can contribute to optimizing the fleet portfolio by identifying fuel-efficient designs and over-consuming vessels.

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