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Improved reports are now available on COACH Online

COACH Solutions continues its efforts to equip vessel operators with the best analytics tools.

This week, COACH Solutions has updated the reporting overview on its online portal, COACH Online, where it is possible to find reports covering the following subjects:

  • Hull Performance
  • Main Engine Performance
  • Aux Engine and Boiler Performance
  • Fuel Oil Management
  • Lube Oil Management
  • Voyage Performance
  • Vessel Report Data

All reports have been improved with minor corrections, and have been given a visual upgrade.   

COACH Solutions has also updated and improved the Voyage Speed and Consumption Summary itself. This report gives insights into the voyage performance and shows an overview of the voyage. Thanks to the recent changes, the report now shows all data, voyage-by-voyage in both good and all weather conditions.

All changes are now available to our clients on COACH Online.

If you interested in learning more about COACH Solution’ reports, please contact Mathias Nyman Rasmussen at

COACH Solutions is a vessel performance monitoring system that provides the ship operator with voyage observations and analyses on hull, propeller and engine efficiencies. The reporting and communication is kept simple with unified noon reporting and energy deviation alerts from the vessels. COACH Solutions can contribute to optimize the fleet portfolio by identifying fuel-efficient designs and over-consuming vessels.

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